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Recap 2006

Overall, 2006 has been a good year.
The activities that made me happy this year:

  1. 6 weeks of CCNA preparation
  2. 2 weeks of TOEFL preparation
  3. 4 months of GRE preparation
  4. 2 weeks of preparation for internal exams
  5. 1 month of SCJP preparation (going on …)

Of course, the most essential item is conspicuous by its absence, the reason being obvious.  Well, bad memories are better erased quickly. Still, they are worth a mention in any recap.

Indeed, there have been several great changes in life in 2006.

When the year dawned, I was:

  1. Looking for a house to shift my parents to Bangalore
  2. Planning to appear for TOEFL & GRE
  3. Preparing for GRE (attending classes at TIME)
  4. Planning to apply for MS for fall ’07

Thanks to God:

  1. We got a very nice house.
  2. CCNA was never in my mind then, but it was the next item to score a tick mark!
  3. Then came TOEFL, cleared with a good score of 287/300
  4. We actually moved to our new home on 25th March 2006! ( a transfer after 24 years! This was close to impossible so far in our minds.)
  5. After a good 4-month long preparation, I appeared for GRE, and secured a good score too(V:550/800, Q:800/800)
  6. In the meantime, I was assigned to a project; wonderful manager, very nice team.

To list the happy moments:

  1. Trip to CBE to see Grandpa, & to get GRE materials from college library.
  2. Got confirmed in office (it’s a routine, though)
  3. Visit to Tirumala for Balaji Dharshan.
  4. Visit to Nandi Hills with friends. The trip was fully loaded with fun.
  5. Not-to-miss, our shifting to Bangalore.

The not-so-good moments:

  • We sold our car & scooter.
  • Dad fell sick with Chikungunya
  • Chithi had a fall, & damaged her back
  • Grandpa too had a fall, & is confined to bed now
  • Shankar mama’s demise.
  • The big turn in my plans…: I stalled my application process for MS. I have deferred it for fall 2008.

Well, that was quite a long recap of 2006.

My sincere Thanks to God, and to everyone who has been with me in this nice year.

GoodBye 2006! 🙂


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  1. I think the year 2006 for u is quite well balanced (well distributed 🙂 ). Hope 2007 will bring you a good linear raise.

    Comment by vishravars — 16 January , 2007 @ 14:20

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