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25 March , 2013

One more post. A Beginning !

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One more post here, after a gap of 6 months.

Certainly, I do not want this to be a simply yet-another-post in this blog.

This *IS* the beginning of a series of posts, all on similar topic & towards one goal.


6 September , 2012

Rajam Sukku Kaapi

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After many years of curiosity, bought a sachet of this ‘Rajam Sukku Kaapi’. 10g, Rs4. ( = Rs400 / kg).

Totally enjoyed it on one rainy + cold evening.

Listing the details here, for reference.

Ingredients: Palm Jaggery, Dry Gunger , Pepper, Thippili , Corianter (seeds), Fenugreek, Nannari , Tejpat , Nutmeg , Licorice , Cumin , Aswagandha , Tulsi , Turmeric , Chitharathai.

Directions: Take one cup of hot milk / water and add 2 teaspoon of this power. Stir and drink.

How I had it : approx 220ml water, mixed this sachet’s contents, heated the water (not boiled).

And enjoyed the drink in small sips. Wow, it was nice indeed. Will buy more sachets next time, to try on mornings too.

8 July , 2011

On Patriotism ..

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During my early high-school days, I started coming across advice & instructions on patriotism, typically like these :

"you should never make fun of your country"
" your country is like your mother. Remember that’s why it is addressed as mother-land"
"should be proud of being an Indian"

I never cross questioned against the elders who gave these advice .

However, within myself, I started pondering: if I were born in / belonged to a different country, I would still be given the same advice as above, except that the country-name would be different. So, its just a basic expectation that one shouldn’t deride ones own country, and every country has its own reasons the citizens should be proud about belonging there.

For example, two men belonging to countries that are bitter enemies (Ind-Pak, US-Rus, Jap-Chn ) would be ‘proud’ of their respective countries, just because they were born on that side of the boundary.

This thought is fresh in my mind even today. Somehow I stop myself from extending this to matters of Religion, although it is tempting to do so .

Today, after 20+ years of my first encounter with this thought, I come across this succint quote :

"Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it" – George Bernard Shaw

Wow, Ranga !

8 May , 2011

India Govt. can easily stop LPG subsidy

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India Govt. can easily stop LPG subsidy

If households can blindly pay Rs200 month-after-month-after-month for ‘living-room filth’ (= cable TV) , they can more easily pay for un-subsidised cooking gas.

Atleast a few would stop cable TV. National productivity will improve a tiny bit. Good.
Atleast a few would look towards more efficient cooking. Good.

This will put an end to black-marketing, hoarding, and the ensuing fund-flow to terrorists.

Yes, I have a strong opinion that whenever there is black-marketing in any commodity, gains from it will inevitably trickle down to global terrorism.

However, this subsidy-end should directly & immediately reflect in lower taxes, whatever minuscule fraction it be.

Off topic:
Macro-economically, every citizen should pay the same for the same quantum of stuff. Without that, the ones at the receiving end of govt subsidies would never get a chance to realise the true cost of stuff, be it rice or water or LPG or even the cost of bringing up kids.

8 November , 2010

Deepavali-2010 !!

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After long time, I stayed at home for 4days. Totally enjoyed.
Details follow :

Day-1. 04Nov. Thu. Pre-Deepavali day. Reached home at 6am, talked till 630 & slept till 830am. Reason: Bus ride was back-breaking, last-row seat, no-road for 60km, and no push-back seat too. Felt very lucky for getting a tkt, else Diwali would’ve been alone@blr !

Dress: New shirts were stitched 1month back. Parents coaxed me to buy new pair of trousers, so went to town with dad (5km), bought new pair of everything: chappals, chaddi-banian, towel & trousers finally. Back @ home in 2hrs. Its a record breaker, since that day is human-jam at the town area & we never venture to town on entire pre-Diwali week !
Evening: burst crackers & fireworks. enjoyed.

Day-2. 05Nov. Deepavali day.
Went great ! As usual all 3 of us got ready at 530am, and lit fireworks, crackers etc.
(getting ready = a bit elaborate, with oil bath esp. Yours truly was the last one to get up, at 430am! )
I took a power nap for 30mins at 830am, to recharge for the whole day ahead.
Did 3-4 rounds of cracker bursting. Main trick: asked dad to buy 56-wala giants.(no image on web??!). I dismantled the ‘garland’ , and burst them as singles. Like Test Cricket. Nice way to spend time + burst crackers + moderate sound + save paisa !!
Mom got pleasantly annoyed at “this  big fellow  bursting all single crackers for hours together” idea. 🙂

Day-3. 06Nov. Morning was as usual. Me: eat+sleep.
Evening: went to Rajini movie Robot. Nice one. We 3 liked it. Definitely watch if if there is a native-language dub.

Day-4. 07Nov. Sunday. Most part was about packing & getting ready. Some last-minute discussions, not-to-forget points.
And, I simplified the startup steps at home laptop, and gave some practice to parents on how-to-start it, plus skype, mail etc. At first, they were a bit hesitant coz they felt laptop is more sophisticated than the desktop.

Had dinner & left at 9pm.

All 4days: great eating, home-made food, snacks & sweets (urad-dal laddu & one coconut+ghee cake) .

The previous Deepavali I spent at our Srirangam home was in 2005. 2006 & ’07 were at Blr home. And everyone knows about ’08 & ’09. !

Great trip ! Great Deepavali.

Ranga !

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