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11 December , 2014

Can there be a cloud storage where nobody peeps into it?

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This happened today and I felt very uncomfortable . . [ my vocab lacks the apt word ]

Google+ has a list "people you may know" .
Generally that list populates based on my GMail communication.
Today, I visited G+ after many months’ gap .

This time, it is listing a set of people .
coworker, lab assistance staff, ex-manager, et al.
and one : not related to my workplace. & I had only a few sms exchange with him.
None of these people contacted on GMail.

I was breaking my head , to root-cause how all these showing up in "people you may know" list !

MAN, this is due to Android phone. These peoples’ phone numbers were recently added to my phonebook.
And google has picked up from there.

One good-looking person has hot-looking pics in their G+ album. I can’t unsee them now.
well , that’s the least negative issue here.

Can there be a cloud storage where nobody peeps into it?
To backup my contacts; my bills & statements; to backup my rough-work doodles & thoughts.

Or do I need to take these all offline, and do a manual backup once a month?
to HDD / DVD etc ?

Those days, when backup = copy to 3 different floppy disks, were a bliss !



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