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5 December , 2014

No sugar please. Start with half-sugar.

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No sugar please. Start with half-sugar.

I know how sugar tastes. If you want me to relish & enjoy the taste of your coffee / tea / drink, please add no sugar.

I am not diabetic.
I am not following crazy-healthy diet plan.

It started with an accident.
Someone forgot to add sugar in a home drink.
First sip. just a split-second thought of "what the h…?" ,
& I realized: ooh, THIS is the real taste of the drink. All these years, I’ve been tasting 90% sugar and 10% drink.

Then on, I tried all of frequent drinks – tea,coffee,juice,milk,shakes,etc – without sugar.
Many of them, I felt "yuck !"
Yuck list topper: fresh orange juice (yes!).

Perhaps taste buds are heavily addicted to sugar.
so, switched to "half sugar" in all of these drinks.
Sorry, canteen staff at office forced to separately prepare my order.
And, Thanks!

This became my routine everywhere.
After 2 years of this, recently when I went out with a friend,
"okay. I’ll take by-two."
"bearer, strong coffee please. by-two. one part without sugar"
ME: "no wait. both parts no sugar."

wow, I liked it. THIS is real coffee taste.

now, 25% of my drinks are "no sugar". the rest are "half sugar".

I remember my grandpa was diagnosed with diabetes at age 74.
In one shot, he switched to "no sugar".
Good, he enjoyed REAL TASTE of things for 11 years.

Glad I switched early at 30.

No Sugar. Welcome to the real taste !



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