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26 January , 2014

Trips to Airport, pointing to some ‘upgrades’ ?

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Hello !
I was at Blr airport today, at a very unusual time 4am.
Friend flying to the US, and he requested me to drop him.

Now, this is my 3rd trip to Airport.

1. (late 2011) car is new, and friend comes home for Friday night, and we decide to have coffee at … well, Airport. Started at 11pm.
That’s a nice excuse-drive location for youngsters. Good road, and finally cafe coffee day 24×7. 🙂
Route: via MG Rd, Malleshwaram etc. Totally navigated by said friend.

2. To receive my chacha & chachi from Mumbai, on 1st May 2013. started at 3pm.
Route: Via Reva college, after learning this cabbie-route shortcut from office friend.

3. 26-Jan-2014: to see off a friend who’s flying to the US.
3 hrs of sleep in the previous night, woke up at 2am, started at 3am and reached at 4am. Return: 645 to 745am.
Route: the main route, via Hebbal.

All nice experiences aside , . .
by trend, this is definitely on the upward slope.

So, makes me think “what is the next trip to airport going to be for ?”

Aah, all the nice upgrade thoughts are so heart-warming !


ps: typed this in gmail-compose, as an email to a friend, and changed mind to post here. 🙂


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