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8 May , 2011

India Govt. can easily stop LPG subsidy

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India Govt. can easily stop LPG subsidy

If households can blindly pay Rs200 month-after-month-after-month for ‘living-room filth’ (= cable TV) , they can more easily pay for un-subsidised cooking gas.

Atleast a few would stop cable TV. National productivity will improve a tiny bit. Good.
Atleast a few would look towards more efficient cooking. Good.

This will put an end to black-marketing, hoarding, and the ensuing fund-flow to terrorists.

Yes, I have a strong opinion that whenever there is black-marketing in any commodity, gains from it will inevitably trickle down to global terrorism.

However, this subsidy-end should directly & immediately reflect in lower taxes, whatever minuscule fraction it be.

Off topic:
Macro-economically, every citizen should pay the same for the same quantum of stuff. Without that, the ones at the receiving end of govt subsidies would never get a chance to realise the true cost of stuff, be it rice or water or LPG or even the cost of bringing up kids.


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  1. yes !! I strongly agree, but moreover government is doing the same but with ease that we are not able know.. but the main prospective of LPG is for the transportation use.incerase the Quantity regardless of cost

    Comment by aditya — 22 May , 2011 @ 11:59

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