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8 November , 2010

Deepavali-2010 !!

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After long time, I stayed at home for 4days. Totally enjoyed.
Details follow :

Day-1. 04Nov. Thu. Pre-Deepavali day. Reached home at 6am, talked till 630 & slept till 830am. Reason: Bus ride was back-breaking, last-row seat, no-road for 60km, and no push-back seat too. Felt very lucky for getting a tkt, else Diwali would’ve been alone@blr !

Dress: New shirts were stitched 1month back. Parents coaxed me to buy new pair of trousers, so went to town with dad (5km), bought new pair of everything: chappals, chaddi-banian, towel & trousers finally. Back @ home in 2hrs. Its a record breaker, since that day is human-jam at the town area & we never venture to town on entire pre-Diwali week !
Evening: burst crackers & fireworks. enjoyed.

Day-2. 05Nov. Deepavali day.
Went great ! As usual all 3 of us got ready at 530am, and lit fireworks, crackers etc.
(getting ready = a bit elaborate, with oil bath esp. Yours truly was the last one to get up, at 430am! )
I took a power nap for 30mins at 830am, to recharge for the whole day ahead.
Did 3-4 rounds of cracker bursting. Main trick: asked dad to buy 56-wala giants.(no image on web??!). I dismantled the ‘garland’ , and burst them as singles. Like Test Cricket. Nice way to spend time + burst crackers + moderate sound + save paisa !!
Mom got pleasantly annoyed at “this  big fellow  bursting all single crackers for hours together” idea. 🙂

Day-3. 06Nov. Morning was as usual. Me: eat+sleep.
Evening: went to Rajini movie Robot. Nice one. We 3 liked it. Definitely watch if if there is a native-language dub.

Day-4. 07Nov. Sunday. Most part was about packing & getting ready. Some last-minute discussions, not-to-forget points.
And, I simplified the startup steps at home laptop, and gave some practice to parents on how-to-start it, plus skype, mail etc. At first, they were a bit hesitant coz they felt laptop is more sophisticated than the desktop.

Had dinner & left at 9pm.

All 4days: great eating, home-made food, snacks & sweets (urad-dal laddu & one coconut+ghee cake) .

The previous Deepavali I spent at our Srirangam home was in 2005. 2006 & ’07 were at Blr home. And everyone knows about ’08 & ’09. !

Great trip ! Great Deepavali.

Ranga !


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  1. Wow, nice narration Ranga. Esp the test match idea 🙂
    I think next time we need to plan test match with 1000 wala

    Comment by Vishravars — 8 November , 2010 @ 21:56

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