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5 October , 2010

Aircel Sucks, royally

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After 6days of patience, finally I came to the conclusion. "Aircel sucks".


Unable to make outgoing calls, from my Aircel Prepaid mobile, from wednesday evening (29th Sep 2010).

Tried all basic troubleshooting at my end. My handset: fine. This SIM in different handset: same problem.

Incoming calls are fine.

Called cust care on Thursday: he said I need to add Rs200 recharge, to bring up the connection. Strange. Since I took this connection in Apr-2010, I’ve recharged for more than Rs600 totally. Ignored this suggestion


Saturday: went to the same dealer where I bought this connection. He called cust care, and they said, "no blocks from our end; try replacing SIM card."

If SIM card is problem, how are incoming calls coming fine? So, I ignored this suggestion too.

Called customer care on Saturday, and they took a complaint. #1-2728373372. Need 36 hours to respond.

Called customer care on Sunday, and they say, "Sunday is a holiday. Expect some action on Tuesday only. I requested to mark it as urgent.

Called customer care on Monday, we will work on this complaint tmrw (Tue). So, please wait.

Called customer care on Tuesday, and reply was, "You need to re-submit documents at Aircel Store. That is why outgoing is blocked."

No response yet for the complaint, till 11am. Received a call at around 3-4 pm. He asked some basic questions, and got full residential address.

Though I had given the papers while purchasing the new connection, I had a small doubt with that dealer. So, decided to re-submit the documents, and printed the them.

Nearest Aircel store is near Jayadeva Hospital, 12+km from from my place. Still decided to go for it, spending Rs60 for bus + total 3hours in travel. (prepaid balance is Rs60).

No.40 old no 1384/1383,
South End Main Road,
9th Block

Contact No:

Found that store’s ph num on net [here: http://www.aircel.com/AircelPortal/aircel.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=Circles_karnataka_Pages_Others_contact_us_page ]

, called to get their timings. Response, "This number is invalid.".

Called customer care, to get working number for that store. Response, "We don’t have *any* number for that store. Can give the address.". I asked the store timings, response, "10am to 6pm.". Great. Thanks.

Arrived at conclusion: "Aircel Sucks"

Arrived at decision, "quit aircel ". Go for some other provider.




  1. Dear Mr. Ranganathan,

    We thank you for bringing your concern to our notice vide your feedback updated in website regarding the services extended by our Customer Care official.

    We deeply regret not meeting your expectations in this moment of need.
    We would request you to view this incident as an exception to our set standards of services.

    As a service provider it is our unchanging effort to build a better relationship with you.

    We wish to mention that, the service is restored on your Aircel number 9738292865, and we would like to have a line of confirmation from your end as well.
    We would like to inform you that, we have initiated necessary corrective action and assure you of better services in future.

    Since we were unable to reach you on your Aircel number, please provide us your alternate contact number for more information.
    You can also get in touch with us on 9738199209 for further assistance.

    It is our pleasure to serve you.

    For any further assistance, please feel free to contact our Customer Care representatives at:

    • Aircel Customer Care: 121 / 9738012345
    • Visit your nearest Aircel Store.
    • Fax No: 080 40927743

    We wish to thank you for choosing Aircel.


    Customer Service

    Aircel Karnataka
    Address: Aircel Limited, Municipal #66-5-25, HM Vibha Towers, Star Bazar, Hosur Road,
    Adugodi, Bengaluru – 560029. Karnataka
    Fax : 080 40927743
    Website: http://www.aircel.com

    Comment by Care Karnataka — 7 October , 2010 @ 04:48

  2. Sad. Commend your efforts to try and be with the same provider. Wish number portability was here! in hind sight, is this the reason you want a landline? 🙂

    Comment by Robin — 24 October , 2010 @ 16:54

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