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3 October , 2010

Ubuntu: side-by-side installation

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Hello Reader !

Installed ubuntu 10.04 on office laptop. This time it is a different method. Earlier I did using Wubi , that failed because we have encrypted harddisk.
Also, we cannot partition the HD , some restrictions.
Got tips from someone at office, thru the mailer. Details here:

Need to burn the img to CD, bootable.
First step starts at ‘defrag’ HDD from windows. Force defrag even if windows says you need not do.
Then do error check. this is important.
above two steps took 2+hrs totally.

then, restart in windows, (actual disk check happens here).
restart 1-2 more times & check if all is well. 🙂
then restart & boot from ubuntu CD. Choose the ‘side-by-side’ installation, and select the HD space we’d like to give for Linux. (I chose 23GB).
clickety-clickety-click a few times, (it was 1130pm) and I started to sleep, with the lptp near my head.
wokeup around 3am, it was waiting for ‘remove disk and press enter to reboot’. I did that in sleep and fell back to sleep.
wokeup around 430 am, it was waiting for time-zone , login etc. didnt do anything, just fell back to sleep.
wokeup at 630am, did the remaining few clicks, gave my wifi paswd, and Ubuntu 10.04 was ready, asking for an update (290+MB download). Refused it. and powered off.
Didnt start Ubuntu until weekend. Fri night onwards, partying with Ubuntu10.04. Good. Everything is fine.
Looks like ultimately Ubuntu does partition the HD, very well taken care by itself. Thanks a ton to all developers involved.

Installing new s.w in Ubuntu is like cutting though butter. Dad & mom will love to use this; more so, if I guide them right from the installation phase. Let me see..

Some reason, Pidgin installation failed; sad.
Chrome in Linux rocks. Installed Skype too. Also Gmail Video chat is ready for Linux. Installed. Havent tried yet.
Lenovo / Thinkpad is a dear friend of Linux, every extra button on this T400 lappy works perfectly. Wifi rocks.
Music/mp3: yes.
Video: yes.
Bluetooth: yes,
Youtube: yes.

And, I’m able to change keyboard shortcuts to more ‘familiar’ combinations.
Win+D, Win+L, especially.

Triple Cheers to GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Thinkpad !!


ps: actually started as an email to friend [www.vishravars.blogspot.com], but decided to post to WordPress blog instead.


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  1. Great writeup Ranga. I think i too need to teach my mom to use Ubuntu.
    Looking for more articles from you. I liked the writing style too.

    Comment by vishravars — 5 October , 2010 @ 13:56

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