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4 September , 2010

OS: memory management: Restaurant Example

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Was having dinner at Hotel Krishna (Marathahalli) tonight.
Got this thought while observing the customer inflow & table allottment:

Memory management in Operating Systems can be compared with allocating tables at a restaurant.

There are total ‘n’ tables, with 4 seats per table. So, total capacity: 4*n.
[table = memory block size]
People come in different group-sizes. Generally, two groups cant be put on same table.

If group-size is small (one or two ppl), then some space is underutilized at that table.
After sometime, when many tables have 1,2 or 3 eaters, there is lots of free-space _yet_ new customers cannot be seated.
[ = fragmentation ]

If there is a long queue waiting, we can ‘humbly request’ the existing eaters , to “swalpa adjust maadi” and move to other tables with space. This is not simple / easy. Need to move customers & their plates-tumblers correctly to new places. Not to spill food / mixup plates, etc challenges exist.
[ = compaction & its challenges.]

After this stage, delve into technical depths. This intro could keep the concept etched in the students’ minds.


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  1. Lovely…

    Comment by Robin — 23 October , 2010 @ 20:13

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