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24 July , 2010

Time to go for DTH !

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I have been awaiting this news for a long time.
"Regulation in DTH sector". OR "Pick & Pay for individual channels in DTH".
News item here:

Also, when a subscriber does not want to pay for a period, then he should be able to watch all Free-To-Air channels, for free. I mean, really free, no monthly subscription.
That brings one more point. The charge for the antenna, box, tuner etc.
Give Two choices: similar to BSNL broadband modems.
Option-1: Charge full amount & ‘sell’ the box completely to the subscriber. So, FTA channels should be truly ‘free’
Option-2: Charge some part amount, & keep charging ‘rentals’ for the devices every month. With this rental, FTA should not cost a single paisa more.

Obviously, this rental mechanism looks unsustainable to me. If someone stops paying rentals, how do you block the FTA channels from him? I think thats not possible, technically yet, since the FTA channels would be unencrypted; blocking them would need encryption; which means they are not truly FTA.

Looks like this one leads towards DD Direct Plus DTH, where one pays full charge to buy the setup, and gets all FTA Channels truly for free, for ever.
So, this is excellent time for DD to become a DTH provider, not just FTA, but paid channels as well.

They already have the tech / infra to provide FTA’s truly free. Just bring up the tech & infra for a good system for paid channels, a good customer service system, and make sure the products you sell are of good quality. Bingo! Done!

But wait, this will need crores of Rupees in marketing & advertising expenses. I think it very hard for Govt. handled, and non-profit motived DoorDarshan to do this.
So, its a nice chance for a new entrant. Anyone got a few hundred crores Rupees ? !

No, wait. I am not buying some DTH setup in the next few months. Looks like DD Direct needs new devices to support more (70+ or something) channels. Will wait for that.
Neither am I planning to start a DTH provider company !

So, revised title for this article: Time to go for DTH (6-12 months from now)



ps: this article was WordPressed from GMail. I just love this mode of blogging.


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  1. Nice Article Ranga. I never thought about DTH in this way. Generally in USA, they give lot of Hi-tech NFL widget kind of facilities to keep the customers with them and people also feel worth for the amount they spend. But here we only pay to watch ads and no quality channels.

    Govt should move their ass to do something here, but i bet that would never happen, because this media thing is money delt heavily. All age groups in a house hold have their own share :). But let me wait for 6 more months 🙂

    Comment by Vishravars — 24 July , 2010 @ 09:43

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