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21 May , 2009

DMK is being shamelessly greedy

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And, congress is facing the music of a party plagued by dynasty-greed.

“… DMK wants seven portfolios, four of them of Cabinet rank for Karunanidhi’s son Azhagiri, daugher Kanimozhi, grand nephew Dayananidhi Maran, besides incumbents A Raja and Baalu and three more MoS berths...” WoW!


Fore sure, DMK is going to be a big pain in the back for the govt. No point being happy abt getting a clear majority verdict in this elections. !

“… The DMK’s list has been prepared to balance various interests like accommodating seniors and giving representation to different castes and regions, besides rewarding family members.


Hope Mr.DarkGlasses is aware of this:

“… The Congress, which is now much less dependent on the DMK than in 2004, wants to form a compact ministry, not a jumbo cabinet, sources said. For a resurgent party, this policy decision is in keeping with its assessment that its tally of 206 in the Lok Sabha means it does not have to bend over backwards to accommodate its allies.

Also, the Congress has pointed out that the DMK no longer has the PMK with it and the Dravidian party must consider the crucial support it gets from the UPA’s lead player in the Tamil Nadu assembly …”

And, not to miss this:
Mayawati’s simple demand: “DMK has 18MP seats. We have 19. So, we need just +1 cabinet seat than DMK!”


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  1. greedy family. dont know where this will lead to

    Comment by vishravars — 3 July , 2009 @ 09:21

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