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12 April , 2009

I shall shift to Google Chrome only if:

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A blog-post after an insanely long gap.

After fully using Google Chrome for a few days, I realized that I have to compromise several of Firefox’s features to be able to continue with Chrome.

I shall move to Google Chrome only if:

  • Adblockplus works.
  • RSS feed reading is supported
  • Better Cookie management (including disabling 3rd party cookies and filters)
  • Improved password management : (Must: a master password)
  • Better control of what applications to launch for downloaded files
  • Intuitively selectable search options
  • Reconfigurable location bar.
  • Better bookmark management. (esp, more explicitly settable keywords)
  • Improved Tab handling. (more preferences needed)
  • Pause-able downloads
  • Zoho.com should work (it doesn’t work on the present beta version of Chrome I use)

That said, I indeed love these aspects of Google Chrome

  • The full-screen view is better
  • Simplified interface
  • Tabs as separate processes
  • Rip-able & paste-able tabs
  • Of course, the speed.

With so many of ‘wanted’ features, I have moved back back to Firefox. I can truly live with Firefox’s (a bit) slower page-loads due to the enormity of the features & customizations it has and also for the Addons avaibalbe. W.r.t Firefox’s addons: my slogan is : “you think, and its already there” 🙂

I am not a browser developer; but I am sure Firefox can be made to load pages faster than Chrome does. And that would be an important task to maintain Firefox’s user-base. Most of Firefox users are a ‘step forward’ type, and they wouldnt mind switching to a new browser if it offers all of Firefox’s features plus better speed & simplicity (and of course, it isnt IE!)


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  1. Very true about Chrome interface. It’s simple. I guess if firefox can fix small stuffs like managing tool bar and all, then it will be more usable. Of course ff is my first choice

    Comment by Vishravars — 10 May , 2009 @ 03:47

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