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8 November , 2008

Am I getting bored of the web ?

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Of late, I feel I am getting bored of the internet. Websites, blogs and news aren’t as interesting as they used to be.

Either, it is ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ (= I am indeed getting bored), or the articles are really losing focus. Principally, once I feel a site / blog is good, I tend to stick with it, and loyally visit it regularly. Once I get attached to  a site, I don’t feel the need to surf for another one in the same category. Let me deal it with on a case to case basis:

1. Lifehack.org & stevepavlina.com: These used to be my favourites during 2005-2007. I had subscribed to the articles using r-mail.org, and would read every article every day. I had even printed a few articles, since I felt they were really awesone. I dropped Stevepavlina much sooner, by around mid2006. I felt lifehack lost focus when its branding changed to stepcase-lifehack. I hoped there will be a change, and kept holding on to it, but, had to drop visiting that too, by around early 2007.

2. Joelonsoftware.com: I became a fan during 2004-2005 time. Esp, the big-mac article was very well analysed & presented. Since early 2007, the frequencey of articles abruptly went down, most of the articles were bragging about fogcreek, promoting their podcasts and became long articles about very small idea. So, this one went off my list.

3. 43Folders.com: It was in my radar for quite a short while (during the inbox-zero series). later, reading too much of productivity articles reduced my real productivity. So had to drop this off.

4. LifeHacker.com: The tips and tricks were infinite, very valuable, and saved lots of time. Most of them were realted to my needs, so I was a regular visitor. Later, I began to feel its no more the story, and werent of match to me. Again dropped this/

5. Theregister.co.uk: wow! I used to read every article during 2004-2006. Then, I began to be selective. The coverage on phorming (late2007) was very nice. Also, nicely written articles on security related areas were frequent. Since early2008, I feel there are very few attention-grabbing articles, and they were writing lots on totally unimportant incidents. So, one more dropped off my list.

6. TheSimpleDollar.com: This one *is* very good. (note the ‘is’). Very good advice to American families, and to the growing generation in the developing countries (BRIC). Very relevant for the present situation, and environment-friendly, economy-friendly, and ideal-parenting topics. I would say, the author is trying to suggest an economically future-proof way of life. Its very good. A year ago, 90% of the articles used to be great. Now, I feel it has come down to 70%. Of the rest, 10% are irrelevant to me, and 20% are totally irrelevant. The author needs to take serious note of this. If this good-ones ratio comes down to 50%, there will be a huge drop in the readership, for sure. And it will be tough to build back the audience.

Perhaps I need to start looking out for newer sites / blogs now. And, is it high time I started my own series of articles, like this ?  Such a venture needs solid focus on a certain area, and good expertise at the subject. Hmm 🙂 !


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  1. From Incoming Links page of ixfree i followed to this post. Thanks for the complements Ranga. I feel i must do much better to live upto it.

    Comment by vishravars — 13 November , 2008 @ 06:15

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