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16 October , 2008

Free Web : For how long. Part-II

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Now we come to the title-story.

We had dialup access to internet. Agree, it was slow. I best suited text-based browsing. But that’s for geeks only. Still, grinding our teeth, we managed to pull along with the dialups. The websites added more features, and became more heavy. And luckily, there is DSL on the horizon. Go, go, go for broadband.

Okay, we are happy, with broadband.

No, they don’t want you to be happy. The website providers inserted ads. Not just text or .gif ads. Now its .swf. Thats INSANE. *.swf ads are too heavy on the webpages. They are useless, distracting, and overloading.

in many sites, we cant avoid swf. in some sites its must too see the 15 min swf before proceeding. ads in videos too & cant be skipped. evrything needs money. and ad gives that money. so insert ads.

The days are near where you’ll see ads in between every line of your email.. no end to greed.

Lots of sites have started subscription-based services. sooner, we’ wont have free-email.

We need to end your dependency on the free web. And start using it as if its paid. Only then, you will use it less, will be less dependent/addicted, and they cannot force you to pay.

Economy of scale does not apply here. the more you use, the more they will make you pay. They are also listed companies, need to show profits, feed employees, and answer to shareholders. same as airlines charging for first bag, and even for you belly weight,  you will start paying for the basic email. the day might be far now. but it is far approaching.

If its fast, it will be in 2012. medium in 2015. and latest by 2020, everything you use online will be charged. of course, you’ll pay for a bundle of services to a single counter: Google / M$ / Yahoo. but we WILL HAVE TO PAY. We shouldn’t fool yourselves by thinking of free internet forever.

Already, net neutrality is becoming a joke, due to unrestrained capitalism. And, ISP’s are planning how to suck money from the app-providers like Zoho, google, skype etc which assume net is free for eveyone.


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