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3 September , 2008

Free web: for how long ? Part-I

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Note: Here, when I say ‘free’, I mean as in ‘free-lunch’.

Free TV [programs]: Buy a TV, connect to antenna, boosters, and tune it. There you are, watching free TV. That was long back; past tense now.

TV was run by the govt. I pay taxes, and that includes the fee for TV programs too.

Next came the cable guys, I pay them money, and they supply a few dozens of channels. Just as I pay for electricity.

Now, they started showing more ads in between programs. Agreed. Of course, Those at the TV channels need money to run the shows, to feed their beautiful employees, and keep the shows running.

Time went on, and people threw away their old antennas, got glued to the TV for longer hours, and needed more news than food, more serials than cereals, and more cinema than sleep. Once the cable guys knew this, they hiked the monthly fee. Did anyone protest? Did anyone disconnect? NO. not at all.

Next, those at the channel-rooms became greedy, and started ‘pay channels’.

“W-H-A-T! I already pay for these channels. ” Boss, thats for the delivery. This is for the content.

“Okay, and why the hell do you still show ads.”  Well, that has been there since day-one. Its part of the content. Sometimes, don’t you like the ads more than the shows?  [smirk]

And, even now the govt is running its TV. But we have forgotten it, and keep paying for delivery, for content, for the ads, and even for the boxes that amplify the weak signals.

Welcome to world of greed. [aka capitalism].

Next Part coming soon. !


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  1. Now it’s programmes between commercials. And as you said it’s bad that we pay for it. What an idea sirji by the advertisers! This is what we call money from all directions. Because of this i have become a fan of Podhigai channel and some excellent programs like quiz and quality epic dramas telecast. More importantly less commercials.

    Comment by vishravars — 5 October , 2008 @ 01:49

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