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11 April , 2008

Networking: Orkut vs Flickr vs Scribd vs …

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After a long gap, I visited linkedin.com & scribd.com.

I see that they too have picked up the orkut model of networking. Friends, messages, groups, recommendations, etc.

However, linkedin is built around the employment perspective. And scribd is built around the document-sharing perspective.

Nothing stops us from using any of these for purposes other than the intended one. However, the facilities / optimizations are focussed on the primary feature.

One thing to be careful: not to get into too much of online networking, and waste time. There is no point in having the same friends in more than one facility.

[would you keep the same biscuit in more than one jar?]

My choice shall be:

  • Orkut: for casual contacts.
  • Linkedin: for professional contacts.
  • Flickr / picasa: only photo-specific contacts.
  • Delicious: only link-specific contacts.

So on & so forth.

To make the best advantage of each of the facilities, it is better not to have the same contacts’ in multiple sites.

Esp, its good to ensure that formal/professional contacts are limited to Linkedin, and kept away from Orkut. And Flickr contacts bette r bet hose who post their own photographic works. For the ones who want to share the nice pictures they come across on the web, have them in your Del.icio.us network!

Coming next: “Use proper ‘Privacy settings’ to protect your social-image.”

Cheers, Ranga


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