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10 November , 2007

Thermocole and Wires.

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I thought of sharing this small info with the audience.

Thermocole and cables are very bad friends. When they come in contact, some dirty chemical reaction happens, dissolving both of them. By cables, I refer to all insulated ones: power cords, speaker/headphone cables, phone wires, etc.

When storing any electrical / electronic gadgets in their (thermocole) package, ensure that the cable & the packaging material never come in contact. Always take efforts to put the entire length of the cable in a plastic cover and tie the cover.

Take this precaution even if the item will be in the package for a few days only.

I have observed this since 1994, and there is no difference even today. Sad thing is, we recently purchased a Washing Machine, and this care wasn’t taken in the factory, and we got a half-dissolved power-cable! 😦




  1. This is a new info for me. Strange!

    Comment by vishravars — 14 November , 2007 @ 09:10

  2. Thanx for the wonderful info…. i would have been more happy if u had written more abt the reaction tht occur’s etc.
    any ways nice job…
    these r few things which we see but remember…..


    Comment by Raghav — 20 November , 2007 @ 13:45

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