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9 November , 2007

Update is larger than Installer !

Filed under: Software — Ranganathan @ 16:51

Yes, I am talking about Firefox.

I was running Firefox After a long time, I chose to “check for updates” and install them. I was a bit surprised to see the Update-Process progress bar showing “1.3 of 7.3 MB …”
Immediately, I opened the Firefox Homepage and the page says:

“Download Firefox for Free.

Firefox for Windows. 5.7 MB

The update is 28% larger than the installer itself. I don’t think this is fair.

To extrapolate: how would we feel if we have a 500MB software, and the latest *UPDATE* is more than 700MB, while the updated binary is still around 530MB??

Am I missing anything?


ps: I still love Firefox


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  1. though firefox is user friendly in many ways, i’m not happy with some of the settings mainly to store pass & to remember other user data’s. it is always a head ache to use it at a 3rd party comp(internet cafe) especially. as the admin would have blocked all the rights to edit the browser settings…..

    again these ppl at mozilla or going crazy… if auto update is installed for browser… it will go on updating …. every now & then & as u said it is consuming hell a lot of data space… downloading the updates….
    it would be advisible tht we update the machine one with new version of browser than to all it to update ……..

    & most of the prof software sites & websites do not work on mozilla platform. i don’t know why tht is??????????/

    Comment by Raghav — 20 November , 2007 @ 13:50

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