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6 November , 2007

I am shocked..

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Well, I was among the first few who appreciated when the Govt. made helmets mandatory for 2-wheeler riders. (though i didn’t own / ride at that time).

But, my joy was short-lived. It lasted only until I joined the army of 2-wheeler owners, and observed as an insider.

Straight to point >>

My first day at the basement parking lot:: A super-intelligent techno-expert comes riding his motorbike. Nice guy, he’s wearing a helmet. He parks the vehicle, gets down, and takes off the helmet. OMG! He has been wearing earphones, connected to iPod. What the #$%&*@# is that!!

Well, the govt was too concerned about the life of the 2 wheeler-riders, and so brought in the helmet-rule. On the other hand, our bloody-foolish techies are endangering other’s lives, within the helmets.

Helmet saves your life, but earphones kills others. Policemen, on month-ends, will check for helmets. But, will never check for earphones being used within helmets.

Of course, this is just one case. There are numerous others: listening to FM, talking using handsfree(bluetooth/wired), somehow-fitting-a-mobile-within-helmet, single-hand-driving, tucking b/w neck& shoulder, ALL THESE WHILE DRIVING!! ATROCIOUS, to say the least.

Well, I am too angry about this practice. And, feel too helpless too. In fact, only God has to deal with such headless idiots.

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  1. see bro…… i’m also one among them to use a ipod & cell phone while driving…..
    now a days it takes hell a lot of time to drive from one part to the other…….. & we tend to spend almost 2+ hrs travelling to & fro to work & in this period, we don’t want to be empty minded…so we play music…… playing music in a low volume & listening to a pleasent music while driving increases u’r efficiency to drive… check this out… listen to some mind soothing music like instrumental or classical…. & u will enjoy the ride. it is not advisible to listen to some movie song or some thing as it will be disturbing our mind……… helmet in one way helps us save our life….. but it is a big nuisance……….
    ask a person who as met with a accident with a helmet recently &* he will tell u the tile. though he got saved with helmet… on his head …it is a nuisance to remove from the head …. & most of then get suffocation during accident due to helmet & faint…..

    all r good in one way & also bad in one way..
    so it is us who got to decide wht to take & wht not to.

    Comment by Raghav — 20 November , 2007 @ 13:57

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