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26 January , 2014

Trips to Airport, pointing to some ‘upgrades’ ?

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Hello !
I was at Blr airport today, at a very unusual time 4am.
Friend flying to the US, and he requested me to drop him.

Now, this is my 3rd trip to Airport.

1. (late 2011) car is new, and friend comes home for Friday night, and we decide to have coffee at … well, Airport. Started at 11pm.
That’s a nice excuse-drive location for youngsters. Good road, and finally cafe coffee day 24×7. :)
Route: via MG Rd, Malleshwaram etc. Totally navigated by said friend.

2. To receive my chacha & chachi from Mumbai, on 1st May 2013. started at 3pm.
Route: Via Reva college, after learning this cabbie-route shortcut from office friend.

3. 26-Jan-2014: to see off a friend who’s flying to the US.
3 hrs of sleep in the previous night, woke up at 2am, started at 3am and reached at 4am. Return: 645 to 745am.
Route: the main route, via Hebbal.

All nice experiences aside , . .
by trend, this is definitely on the upward slope.

So, makes me think “what is the next trip to airport going to be for ?”

Aah, all the nice upgrade thoughts are so heart-warming !


ps: typed this in gmail-compose, as an email to a friend, and changed mind to post here. :)

15 April , 2013

Petrol prices again cut by Rs1.20: for what? April 2013

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1. For election 2014 .
2. Reduction in petrol price, will reduce inflation figures, forcing RBI to reduce interest rates, so the real-estate gang fills its purses . Two-three years later, all this floating rate loans will hike their interest rates, and all banks will be filling the purses.

For sure, this chain will further bring down the demand for gold in 2013 , some side benefit for the govt reeling under heavy CAD trouble .




[[EDIT / Update]]
That was a very narrow focussed post, without considering global mega cues; price of everything has fallen:


However, the gangs mentioned in the first part, still stand to gain & make a killing . !

25 March , 2013

Useful links

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This blog to post useful links I came across very recently. All towards *The Goal*.

Originally, I would have saved these on del.icio.us . Not anymore. These days, that site has become a shameful ugly mutant of what it used to be. Hence using this blog.

[hence, I will be editing this same post to add more links on this track.]

Useful “swiss army knife” one-liners on Unix:

Lesser known but more useful Unix commands:

Looks interesting. MOSH (MObile Shell) by MIT:

Time-saving tips that every Linux user should know:


A few good recommendations for preparation:

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -


1. updated Timezone and date formate just before posting this.
2. in future posts I should be heavily reducing negativity , and increasing Positivity by a large factor.
3. will use just simple language that I know. (strictly no referring to dict / thesaurus for the articles.)

One more post. A Beginning !

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One more post here, after a gap of 6 months.

Certainly, I do not want this to be a simply yet-another-post in this blog.

This *IS* the beginning of a series of posts, all on similar topic & towards one goal.

6 September , 2012

Rajam Sukku Kaapi

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After many years of curiosity, bought a sachet of this ‘Rajam Sukku Kaapi’. 10g, Rs4. ( = Rs400 / kg).

Totally enjoyed it on one rainy + cold evening.

Listing the details here, for reference.

Ingredients: Palm Jaggery, Dry Gunger , Pepper, Thippili , Corianter (seeds), Fenugreek, Nannari , Tejpat , Nutmeg , Licorice , Cumin , Aswagandha , Tulsi , Turmeric , Chitharathai.

Directions: Take one cup of hot milk / water and add 2 teaspoon of this power. Stir and drink.

How I had it : approx 220ml water, mixed this sachet’s contents, heated the water (not boiled).

And enjoyed the drink in small sips. Wow, it was nice indeed. Will buy more sachets next time, to try on mornings too.

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